About Us

Vision and Mission


Our Vision:

We see a day in the near future when mental health is no longer the subject we don't talk about or feel comfortable getting help. We see a time when everyone can access modern treatment options and people can live without the hopelessness and sadness of mood disorders or the agony of chronic pain.

Our Mission:

To better lives by delivering safe, scientifically proven, cost-effective treatment options for chronic pain, and medication resistant mood disorders.

We commit to bring awareness to Ketamine infusion therapy and how it impacts mood disorders and pain.

Our Story


Our Ketamine Infusion Clinic is owned and operated by board certified anesthesia health professionals who have seen, felt, and, in some cases, grappled with the mental health difficulties of their friends and families.

After many years of witnessing hardships people endure due to the lack of support, inadequate resources, ineffective treatments, and social stigma surrounding mental health in general, we decided to embrace this new treatment to offer the relief everyone needs and deserves.

Virtual Clinic Tour

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